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What is Bootheel Youth Camp?

Bootheel Youth Camp is a Christian camp that has had the mission of “Training Youth to Walk with Christ” for more than 55 years. Located in a rustic setting outside of Bloomfield, Missouri, BYC is a wooded property with 4 girls cabins and a girls' bathhouse located on one ridge and 3 boys cabins and a boys' bathhouse located on the other ridge. Each cabin can hold between 10 - 14 campers and 2 adult counselors. Cabins and bathhouses are air conditioned. In addition to sleeping quarters, Bootheel Youth Camp has a Cafeteria/Mess Hall, "Craft Shack," "Snack Shack," and swimming pool. 


We believe the Bible is the basis for training youth to walk with Christ. Bootheel Youth Camp exists because faithful Christians saw a need for a camp in 1968 and today, volunteers help staff the camp each summer so that children can learn about God and His plan. Learning how to lead a Christ-centered life while having fun and making friends is the focus of Bootheel Youth Camp. The foremost reason a child should attend Bootheel Youth Camp is to grow in their understanding of what it means to live a life dedicated to following the teaching of Jesus Christ. Making friends, learning social skills, and growing more independent are all additional benefits of attending camp. Unplugging from all types of technology, being physically active, and appreciating nature help children grow and mature.

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