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Policies for Camp Sessions

Cell Phone Policy
from the camp board on June 6, 2022

Like many other Christian summer camps, our policy has always been no cell phones - however, due to a lack of cell service on the ridge, it’s never been an issue.


After much consideration and prayer, the decision was made to strictly enforce the rule at BYC. We hope you see this decision as being proactive. Campers will be expected to turn in their phones on Sunday of camp and each evening, at the Director of the week’s discretion, they will be allowed to have 15-20 minutes to call home, or catch up on the news of the day. Phones however must stay in and around the mess hall. When not in use all phones will be locked away.


This recommitment to the rule did bring up a question of what happens if a camper is caught with a phone throughout the week. If they are found with a phone on them they will be asked to turn in the phone. If they do, no further action will be taken. If they refuse to turn in the phone, their parents will be called for the phone to be removed. If the camper and parents both refuse, the camper will be sent home without refund.


Thank you for being understanding and for your cooperation. The Board takes the safety of all of our campers seriously. We want to provide the best setting for that to happen. We firmly believe that unplugging for the week at BYC will allow the campers to enjoy the camp and be able to focus more on learning about God and His Word. Please pray for the campers, staff and everyone that helps with the camp.

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